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3 Creative Date Ideas In Colorado Springs

Once we reach a certain age movies and dinner becomes a somewhat juvenile idea for a date.  With that said, we must be a bit more creative when it comes to impressing those of the opposite sex (or same sex).  In the event that your date is a creative spirit, you might want to play off those strengths and plan a date that is creative and fun.  Creative dates can alleviate some pressure and create a more light-hearted atmosphere that can make sparks fly.  Colorado Springs offers a plethora of fun and creative ideas for first dates that will leave your date highly impressed with your consideration.

Here are 3 Creative Date Ideas in Colorado Springs:

  1. Painting With A Twist – Each artwork was conceptualized and executed by the instructors with the idea of being an easy to follow piece of art for the inexperienced painter. The artwork ranges from landscapes, abstracts and cityscapes, to creative renderings of seafood, animals, iconic buildings and florals.  They sometimes have a couples night where couples work together, which is excellent in creating a piece of artwork while potential establishing a connection with someone else.
  2. Chef’s Table Colorado Springs – Debra McVicker is a certified culinarian and chef of wine arts. Located in Colorado Springs, her classes are for anyone interested in learning basic cooking skills as well as advanced culinary techniques in a small group setting. You can expect a hands-on lesson and normally there will be leftovers of what you cook to take home!
  3. Rocky Mountain Food Tours – If your date is not into cooking, but does enjoy interesting and creative food, then this might be a great idea for you.  Discover delicacies that will tantalize your taste buds and stimulate your senses on one of our gourmet tasting tours! Local food and history will come alive with the help of one of our entertaining and educated tour guides as you stroll from destination to destination at the base of America’s Favorite Mountain, Pikes Peak.  As you experience a Colorado Springs’ finest, you can both equally enjoy and be merry while partaking in some of the best of what Colorado Springs has to offer.

So if you or your date is the creative type, definitely try these ideas to impress.  Don’t forget…..always dress to impress!


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