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3 Terrible First Date Ideas

First dates are extremely important in making that first impression.  First impressions are imperative in almost all situations including a first date.  The thought and time you invest into creating a magical night for your date will show them how caring you are.  This attribute is one that men and women often look for in a potential life partner.  I mean who wouldn’t, right????  So showing them upfront that you are a caring individual is something you should strive for.  Some dates, however, can come off as superficial, which is probably the opposite of caring.  These dates, although might be unintentional, will not manifest this attribute.  In fact, these kind of superficial dates will have one thinking you might be a narcissist or not ready for a relationship.

Here are 3 Terrible First Date Ideas:

  1. The Movies – This idea for a date was probably a good idea in our teenage years, but not for the more mature.  With the first date, you want the other person to feel like you are really interested in them.  You are at the point that you want to know more about them and their life.  It is quite hard to ask questions, while the guy behind you in the movie theater is telling to shut up.  Conversation that is free flowing and easy is what you want.
  2. Anything With Water and Requires A Swimsuit – Some (a lot) of people don’t feel comfortable getting in a swimsuit when they are first meeting someone.  Steer clear from water and hot tubs.  The hot tub thing should go without saying….it just gives the wrong impression.  Also, the other person might feel like you are just wanting to see how their body looks.  This can make you look superficial.
  3. A Party or Social Gathering – So you might think, “well, I have this event I have to go to anyways….”. Don’t do it!  This can be quite overwhelming for your date.  You want your date to feel like your focus is on them and vice versa.  You absolutely can’t do that when you are at an event where you know everyone.  Plus, you can’t really get to know someone in a situation like that.  Ideally, you want to be in a situation when his or her eyes connect with yours, not everyone else’s.  This can also come off as boastful.  Leave friends and associates at home.  They can get to know your social circle at a later time.

First impressions are everything!  Be sure to put your best foot forward when it comes to your first date.  A lot can be said about you in the mere planning of your date.  Make sure what it is saying about you is the impression you want to leave.

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