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How To Know If They Are Into You Without Any Words

Does she play with her hair? Does she tilt her head to the side ever-so slightly when you are talking to her?  Well, she might be into you!  The art of conversation is not limited to just the words we speak.  Our body language can be a tell-tell sign on how we feel on the inside, even if our words do not reflect that.  The definition of body language is the process of communicating non-verbally through conscious or unconscious gestures and movements.  Knowing the “signs” can help you determine if he or she is worth pursuing.  The art of conversation is a delicate dance, and when you find the rhythm, you can find success in the form of a great relationship.

Here are some signs that she is into according to the Science of People:

  1.  Tossing Their Hair – This is probably the most obvious sign one can see as it is very visible.  In a attempt to seem more feminine, women tend to toss their hair or play with it.
  2.  Lowered Eye Lids – Women tend to lower their lids and then look up.  This is usually an attempt to entice a man.  Women also tend to want to highlight their feminine features, one being their lashes or their big eyes.
  3. Touching Their Neck –  This is another attempt for women to highlight their most feminine qualities.  The delicate skin around one’s neck and clavicle is a prominent feature that is typically always exposed.

Now, here are some signs that he is into you:

  1. Claiming Space – Often times men want to seem like the biggest man in the room, especially when there is a women they are interested in in that room.  This is many times displayed with a wider stance and a more upright position.
  2. Hands In His Pockets –  When a man either puts his hands in his pockets or hooks his thumbs through his belt, this is a display of dominance.  If he does this, he may be interested in you!
  3.  Proximity – Is he standing a little close? Well, he might be interested in you.  Men typically want to close the “gap” if they are interested in a more intimate relationship aka “more than friends”.

So what do these signs say to you?  They can often speak louder words.  So……Are they into you?

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