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How To Be The Most Interesting Person In The Room

When it comes to trying to attract a life partner, we typically put to much emphasis on aesthetics.  We worry about our shoes, hair, clothes, nails, makeup and so on.  Though those things do somewhat play a part in attracting “the one”, they are not the most important things we should consider.  It is often not about being the most attractive in the room but the most interesting.  What does this mean?  It means that charisma can do much more for us when finding a significant other.  The goal is to be the one that others gravitate to and want to be around.

So what are ways you can be more charismatic?

Smile – Smiling can go such a long way when attracting someone.  It can be warm and inviting, making someone want to talk to you.  Also, when you are conversing with someone, remember to laugh…even if it is at yourself.  Tell a joke or two to get others to smile as well.

Talk With Your Hands – As a society, we have gotten pretty impatient and restless when it comes to grabbing someone’s attention, so engage others with your body language.  Being comfortable using body language can say a lot about your confidence.  Command the room with your body!  Stand tall and gesture with your hands instead of crossing them over your chest.  Relax your shoulders as you talk.  Your posture says everything about who you are.

Have Excitement In Your Voice – The way you speak says a lot about you and who you are.  The last kind of impression you want to leave someone is that you are boring.  Having a monotone voice can do that.  According to the Wall Street Journal, “the voice is an instrument of rare persuasive power, tuned by evolution and culture to communicate far more than words alone convey.”  Conveying emotion in your voice is imperative to get others to want to hear what you are saying.  Great news! This is something that can be learned and practiced.  Practice speaking in the mirror at home.  Observe yourself…better yet, utilize your camera phone and record yourself.  Practice makes perfect!

Make Eye Contact – Make sure to make eye contact with those you are engaging with.  This says you are confident and interested in what the other is saying as well.  Remember not to make eye contact to long and stare.  This can have the opposite effect in what you are trying to accomplish.

Command The Room – An entrance into a room or event, says a lot about you.  People take notice to how others enter a room.  Take determined strides when entering and scan the room with confidence.

Keep Personal Stories Short And Sweet –  No one likes it when others go on and on about themselves.  Our attention spans have gotten a lot shorter due in part to social media and 140 character tweets.  It is okay to share stories and experiences with others, but don’t dominate the conversation with experiences about yourself.  There is a delicate dance to the art of conversation.  Be sure to show an interest in the other’s life, and be enthusiastic about it.

Charm and charisma can go an extremely long way when interacting with others.  How are you going to be the most interesting person in the room?

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