Sep 29, 2016 / by amberturner

Making A Way


Making A Way is dedicated to making an impact on the local community of Colorado Springs.  We realize the importance in investing in our community’s future, our children.  Making A Way will provide support and financial assistance to single parents in our community, who have children with ADHD and learning disabilities, to help them flourish in their studies and development.

The Story 

According to the Learning Disabilities Association of America, it is estimated that between 3 and 5 percent of children have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), or approximately 2 million children in the United States.  This means that in a classroom of 24 to 30 children, it is likely that at least one will have ADHD. (  Children who have ADHD typically have hard time focusing and can find a typical public classroom difficult to operate in.  This was the case with the founder of Deluxe Matchmaking, Amber Turner.  Her daughter who was diagnosed with ADHD in pre-school.  Having to deal with a typical classroom setting under the circumstances was quite difficult for her daughter and presented challenges for them as a family.  After countless meetings to address her daughter’s difficulties, they knew there had to be a better way to address her special needs.  Whether it was private school, counseling, therapy or medication, it all proved to be expensive.  In further research, they found that there were not many resources to help parents to provide the things a special needs child requires to be successful in their studies.  The little scholarships available for ADHD children were for college.  As a parents, getting the help necessary at the ages that your child is most impressionable and self-esteem is being molded, is imperative.  As an adult and parent, Amber Turner’s own self-confidence was being tested, so she could only imagine how her children felt.  “My children learn differently and was not considered the “standard”.  I knew that I was not the only parent dealing with this,” says Turner.  With that, she wanted to create Making A Way to help other parents get educated, find resources and get financial assistance.

Our mission is to provide parents of children with ADHD or learning disabilities a platform of educational resources and financial assistance for schooling, counseling, therapy and other beneficial services that their special needs child might require to be successful with their respective studies.
Our Vision
Our vision is to provide financial assistance to families for tuition through scholarships and services that their respective special needs child requires in order to flourish and be successful with their studies.
Why Is Important?
Our children are our future.  Preparing them at a young age is important in molding a productive operating citizen of our society.  Young children are so impressionable and it is our responsibility as a society to provide them with the tools to be successful.  We cannot wait until issues are manifested into something that is harder to correct.  We want every child the opportunity to flourish.  This can often be financially challenging for a lot of single parents.  Offering single parents another way to success for their children, will help take away the burden and be the answer many parents are looking for.
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