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Matchmaking With A Personal Touch

Deluxe Matchmaking’s strategy is to find life long connections while alleviating the pressures off our clients.  Our clients are professional and busy singles who are looking for long term relationships.   We take the guesswork out of dating for our clients as all of our pre-screened clients will be personally selected and matched based on their profile.  Our emphasis is on a matchmaking system that is more about by a potential match on more “wholistic” variables to come up with the most likely candidate.  Our goal is to go deeper and more in depth with potential matches and look beyond variables such as appearance. While appearance is important to most people (we get it), when it is the only variable, the relationship often doesn’t last. Therefore we take a “wholistic” approach, which typically yields a stronger long-term relationship.  We want to help our clients find like-minded and successful matches with whom you they are able to build a real true connection.


To accomplish great connections we do the following:

  1. Background Checks & Pre-Screening
  2. Pre-quailifying Interviews
  3. Matchmaking Services

Dating & Relationship Consulting

Need a little assistance?  We also do one-on-one hour consulting for those who are looking for a little direction and advice.  Whatever your specific needs are we will develop an individual plan to help you find the one you are searching for. The idea is to help you date smarter and with more intention.

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